June 20, 2006

The NBA Finals Continue (Conspiracy Theories)

Posted at June 20, 2006 06:48 PM in Sports .

I generally like Mark Cuban. He's an involved and passionate owner. But all of his public whining about the officiating has got to stop. He can take his grievances to the owners, to the league, and to David Stern directly. But to keep questioning the refs publicly the way he does, undermines the integrity of the game. So much so, that he has to clarify on his blog that he doesn't think the game is fixed!

Yes, the refs make mistakes. And you hate to see a game decided on a foul call. But let's be honest, Dirk Nowitzki *DID* have his hand on Dwyane Wade's back on that last play. It's pretty obvious in this picture. Now, it may not have been a hard foul, but it's totally understandable why it might be called.

As for the alleged backcourt violation, the NBA has confirmed that, based on the rules, it was *NOT* a violation because Wade was in the air when he caught the ball and had not established position. And as for the timeout, Howard may have called it accidentally, but he did appear to call it.

I think Dallas is the deeper and more talented team overall in this series. They can bounce back and win two games at home, but they have to concentrate on stopping D-Wade instead of spinning conspiracy theories.


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