May 03, 2006

NBA Playoffs: The First Round (We Know Drama?)

Posted at May 3, 2006 03:21 AM in Sports .

As the first round of the NBA playoffs roll on it may seem like there's a lot of excitement and drama. But in most of the series, the teams with the better regular season records have won (LA Clippers, Dallas) or are leading (Miami, San Antonio, Detroit, NJ). The Cavs and Wizards are currently tied (and that's a 4 versus 5 seed). Only the Lakers are really looking to pull an upset (right now they are up 3-2). That is the only series which is holding my interest since it's been close and hard-fought with lots of late game heroics from Kobe. Seven game series make upsets very difficult, and unfortunately that ultimately makes most of the first round boring.


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