May 23, 2006

NBA Playoffs, Round 2 (We Got Game)

Posted at May 23, 2006 02:47 AM in Sports .

While many found Round 1 of the NBA playoffs interesting, I found it pretty boring because none of the lower seeds really ever threatened to take the whole series, except for the Suns-Lakers matchup, which along with the Cavs-Wizards was the only real excitement.

Round 2, which ended today, proved to be much better. Of the 4 series, 3 of them went to Game 7. The Heat-Nets series was the only short one. My favorite was the Mavs-Spurs series, in which the Mavs finally got past the Spurs (whom I loathe). It was the Spurs who had their heart broken this time, with their big comeback ultimately falling short in OT. The Cavs-Pistons series was equally exciting, with the Cavs giving the Pistons all they could handle. Lebron put on a good show, but we're done being "witnesses" this year. The Pistons finally remembered, "Hey, we are the franchise that INVENTED the Jordan rules (tm)." Once they clamped down the defense on James in the second half of Game 7, it was all over. Even the Clippers-Suns series held my interest. L.A. played solid, but in the final game, the rested Suns took them out in Phoenix.

Now, onto the third round which should be even more thrilling. The NBA? It's Fan-tastic :-)


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