November 19, 2005

Lakers No Longer The Best In L.A.

Posted at November 19, 2005 11:28 PM in Sports .

While its been a long time coming, as a Laker fan I can't help but be disappointed. The Clippers defeated the Lakers in what was being billed as a statement game for both teams early in the season. The Lakers never led and were clearly outclassed by a better team.

Lakers fans are used to down seasons once in a while, but we expect management to make the right moves for the following year. In this case, I think the management has failed us. While bringing back Phil was good, and Smush Parker has played well, the Kwame signing was a mega-stupid move. He's gonna be one of those "potential upside" guys forever. And in the meantime, Caron Butler (whom they traded away) is racking up stats for the Wizards.

Let's see if Phil can fine tune this group enough to make the lower tier of the Western Conference playoffs. But if Kobe keeps jacking up shots left and right without anyone else stepping up, this team is going to be watching the playoffs on TV. Memo to Kobe: How about showing off those passing skills a bit more when double and triple teamed? And Lamar Odom: I know handling the ball as a point-forward takes effort, but don't forget that most nights you can score on whoever is guarding you at will. Make them double you too!


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