June 09, 2005

The NBA Finals

Posted at June 9, 2005 04:25 PM in Sports .

The NBA Finals begin tonight with the Spurs and the Pistons going at it.

I wanted the Suns to make it, but they were outplayed by a more experienced, mentally-tough team. Let's see if Nash can keep up his MVP game next year and if Amare can continue his amazing rise.

As a Laker fan, I couldn't root for the Heat, anyway. Sure, Shaq may have been "driven out" of LA, but if he had stayed in shape Buss might have given him the extension he wanted. Instead he goes to the Heat and THEN gets in shape? That basically proves he was slacking until he found out that even a game-changing 7-footer can be traded if he becomes a lard-ass.

The Spurs are the team I love to hate. I have respect for their game, but god they inspire such loathing. It all starts with the most boring champion on earth - Tim Duncan. He's like the Terminator of basketball, mindless execution and no emotion. Just like in the movie(s), he makes things compelling to watch, but there's no doubt he's the villain of the piece. My brother-in-law and I were joking that they should do a commercial with him as the Terminator, dribbling a basketball to that Terminator drum motif (dun-dun-dun-dun-dun). Then of course there's Manu, the king of throwing himself into people and drawing fouls. He's the kind of guy you like on your team and hate on others. And then there's Frenchie Parker -- his inconsistent play lands him in Pop's doghouse so often you almost feel bad. But then you remember to hate on him for dating Eva Longoria (yeah like you had chance, but still!). Finally there's Bruce Bowen. Just count the number of fouls he gets away with in the name of "good defense". I hope Rip Hamilton lights him up like Kobe did a couple years back.

I can't believe it. I am rooting for the Pistons. The very same team that schooled the Lakers in the Finals last year. But they earned the win fair and square over a squabbling Lakers squad. Maybe with a healthy Karl Malone they had a chance, but probably not. Shaq was too fat and slow, and Prince negated Kobe in ways I didn't think we're possible.

The Spurs will be a huge challenge, but I think the Pistons can do it. I am gonna say Pistons in 7.


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